"100 at 50 in 2018"
ON JUNE 7 – 10, 2018 we will

celebrate our 50th REUNION 
at Trinity, a wonderful opportunity 
to get reacquainted with the college, 
visit old haunts and most of all renew 
old treasured friendships. Our slogan 
says it all: we want to get at least 
100 of us back to the hilltop; the 
more of us present, the better 
our reunion will be. After all, 
IT is about US!


So far we have 70 classmates planning to attend our 50th Reunion.  We're almost there!

We want your feedback and involvement and we invite your ideas.
 If you have Reunion Planning ideas or would like to get actively involved, please log in and our contact information will be available.

Our goal is to get as many classmates to Reunion as possible with a minimum goal of 100!  Please let us know of your plans to attend by using the RSVP box in the upper right navigation bar. You can check out the list of attendees by clicking on the "Look Who’s Planning to Attend" button above-right. This list will grow over time and will keep you up-to-date if we all use it.

Step 1  - LOG IN

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Reunion Checklist

Please let us know if you plan to attend our 50th Reunion in 2018:
 Yes, I plan to attend
 No, I cannot attend
 Maybe, Iím not sure of my plans

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