ways to give

Gifts to support the College today
  • Cash, stocks, mutual funds, bonds or other liquid assets
  • Distribution or grants from charitable lead trusts, donor advised funds, or family foundations
  • Gifts of real estate, life insurance policies, or other non-liquid assets
  • Employer matching gifts (taking advantage of your company's matching gift program is a great way to increase the impact of your gift; please check with the HR department of your current or former employer to see if they will match your gift)
Gifts of securities

Most gifts to Trinity are in the form of cash.  However, giving appreciated, long-term securities, including stocks, mutual fund shares, and some bonds, offers two tax advantages:
  1. You will receive federal charitable income tax deduction for the fair market value of the gift.
  2. When you give appreciated stock held longer than 12 months to Trinity, you avoid capital gains tax liability. 

Planned gifts
  • Life income gifts, including:
      - Charitable Remainder Trusts (minimum $100,000 if Trinity serves as trustee)  
      - Charitable Gift Annuities (minimum $10,000)   
  • Specific or residuary bequests in a Will or living trust
  • Beneficiary designations from retirement accounts, bank accounts, annuities, and life insurance policies
  • Revocable remainder interests in a charitable trust or donor-advised fund

    Contact: Caitlin Gasiorski, Associate Director of Gift Planning and the 50th Reunion
    860-297-2406 or Caitlin.gasiorski@trincoll.edu.